Toshniwal Group of Companies


Toshniwal Group of Companies is a family run business conglomerate with a business history of more than 80 years with impeccable reputation of fair business dealings with all the stakeholders involved.

Toshniwal Group has traveled a long way to reach the scaling heights of success. Processing the ability to dream, the sprit to explore new opportunities and face new challenges the group made its dream a reality taking their ventures to greater heights.

Hard work, Fair Dealing, Customer Satisfaction, and a Dynamic Perception, have been the guideline principal for the group. With these principals they have grown from their origin of a small shop trading in Electrical and Electronics items to the vast business empire diversifying in the area of Oil Milling, Rice Milling, Jute Trading, Other Commodity Trading, Real Estate, Software development, Lighting & Electrical Products (Manufacturing & Trading) & Professional Audio Equipment Distribution etc. and manufacturing unit in the name of Dhanashree Electronics Limited spreading its wings all through the country and beyond.

We as a family run business believe in creating a relationship with all our customers, suppliers and employees as that of a large family and run a business based on trust, mutual respect, fairness and a win-win environment for everyone involved.