GREEN LED Downlight

Energy saving downlighters
Philips GreenLED

GreenLED is a breakthrough offering which combines modern product design, the latest LED technology and reliable heat management to deliver a long lasting efficient solution for offices and retail spaces.

Energy saving downlightersPhilips GreenLEDGreen savings you can bank


Key Benefits



  • Good quality lighting: highly efficient optical system ensuring an effective low-glare lighting solution.
  • Energy saving solution: high efficiency white reflector, high transmitive diffuser and high power LED’s deliver an effective energy efficient solution.
  • Attractive payback: 6 months, effective replacement for conventional CFL solutions, resulting in significant power saving and reduced operational costs.
  • Maintenance-free service life: 40,000 burning hours of high efficiency LED’s ensure uninterrupted service life.
  • Easy installation - compact, low-depth design allows installation in all kinds of ceiling systems.
  • Save Rs 6000 over life span.*
  • No Mercury: Green Earth.



* 12 hours daily working and Rs 6 per unit electricity charges