Versatile LED lights for multiple applications - Philips GreenLine Smart

This is a versatile street light that can be used in various other outdoor applications. The compact size of GreenLine Smart allows it to be used as an outdoor light for periphery lighting. It can be used in and around residential houses, offices, small and medium industries and gated communities. 

Philips GreenLine Smart luminaire is perfect for secondary roads and pathways. It sports a compact body, which offers a highly efficient lighting solution as compared to fluorescent and CFL street lights.

Philips GreenLine Smart                    Philips GreenLine Smart

  • Upto 50% energy saving

  • Life time of 10 years*

  • Wide operating voltage range 100 - 300V

  • Dust-proof and water-proof (IP65)

High power LEDs   Wider light spread   ETM technology ensures longer life
High power LEDs   Wider light spread   ETM technology
ensures longer life

GreenLine Smart is completely maintenance free, it ensures trouble free operation with use of LED source and electronic driver. Specially designed polycarbonate cover reduces glare, spreads light evenly and is impact resistant. It is completely reliable for Indian conditions as it operates on a wide range of supply voltage. GreenLine Smart also has IP 65 protection with very high ingress protection against dust and water. 

GreenLine Smart is an environment friendly product with no mercury content and saves up to 50% energy as compared to conventional fluorescent and CFL street lights. 

* Usage of 11 hours per day