PHILIPS GreenSquare LED Luminaire

Switch one to one. Save from day one. Upgrade conventional luminaires with Philips GreenSquare LED. Maximise your savings, minimise your cost

Philips GreenSquare LED LuminaireThe perfect office light is advanced, energy efficient and compliments interiors. GreenSquare LED luminaire from Philips consumes significantly less energy, has longer life, low TCO and lower operational cost*. GreenSquare LED, a smart choice for office luminaires. Recessed Mounted Luminire LED luminire suitable for mounting in Armstrong Grid Ceiling (600mm X 600mm). GreenSquare is designed to deliver energy efficient, long life lighting solution for office Spaces. 

  • Energy efficient 
    Consumes 30% less energy*

    *as compared to 4x14 TL5 Luminaire

  • Zero maintenance 
    No maintenance cost

  • Affordable 
    Low cost price

  • Reliable 
    Advanced Philips LED technology

  • Easy to install 
    Perfect replacement for 2x2 luminaire

Philips GreenSquare LED LuminaireEnhance office productivity with GreenSquare

GreenSquare provides an optimum visual environment for office work. It provides the right light levels to see printed, handwritten or on-screen documents clearly, without causing glare and fatigue. By providing uniform illumination and having no significant light depreciation over time*, Green Square ensures enhanced productivity in your office for years together. 

*as compared to conventional light sources

Philips GreenSquare LED Luminaire 

Open office area
  • Uniform illumination
  • No significant light depreciation over time*

Meeting room
  • Right light levels to see printed, handwritten or on-screen documents clearly, without causing glare and fatigue.

  • Optimum visual environment
  • Ensures enhanced productivity

*as compared to conventional light sources


Product RC140B LED29S- 6500 PSE OD
RC140B LED29S- 4000 PSE OD
Light Source LED
Voltage 240 V/ 50 Hz
Lumen O/p ( Source ) 3500 Lumens
Lumen O/p ( System )           2900 Lumens
Wattage 39 watt
Efficacy Driver ~ 75 lm/w
Color White
Type Constant Current Electronic Driver
Efficiency > 87%
Compliance IEC compliant for Safety and Performance
THD < 20%

Upgrade to eco friendly office with GreenSquare

  Standard 4x TL-14w
luminaire with
Standard 4xTL-514w
luminaire with mirror
LED luminaire
Light source 4xTL-514w 4xTL-514w LED
Power consumption (watts) 63 63 38
Avg. Illumination level 250-300 300-350 300-350
Grid spacing 3 X 3 3 X 3 3 X 3
Number of luminaires 16 16 16
Total lighting load 1008 1008 608
LPD per Sq. Ft. 0.937 0.937 0.565