Philips Lighting Highest Sales Award in India

Highest Sales Award for PHILIPS Lighting products in INDIA

Ladhuram Toshniwal & Sons was awarded All INDIA Highest Turnover award for PHILIPS Lighting products for the year 2012 fo doing highest sales of Philips lighitng goods in India for the year 2012. Ladhuram Toshniwal & Sons has been doing highest sales in the country for PHILIPS Lighting products continuously since 1981. This was the 32nd time that we have been bestowed with this award. 

The award was presented to Mr. M.G.Toshniwal, Mr. S.P.Toshniwal, Mr. C.P.Toshniwal, Mr. Nitesh Toshniwal, Mr. Abhishek Toshniwal by Managing Director of Philips Lighting Divison Mr. Nirupam Sahay along with other major officers of Philips India Ltd in September 2013 at Vedic Village, Kolkata. 

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